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Structural characteristics of wood structure
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High stability

Compared with other materials, wood has strong toughness. Coupled with the panel structure system, it has strong resistance to impact load and periodic fatigue damage, and has seismic resistance. The wood structure shows excellent performance under various conditions. Stability and structural integrity are particularly prominent in tropical areas that are vulnerable to hurricanes and areas that are hit by destructive earthquakes, such as Japan and North America.

Fire performance

The fire resistance of the wood structure system is much stronger than people usually imagine. The covering of gypsum board on the wood components in the light wood structure and the carbonized layer formed by the large-size wood components in the heavy wood structure can protect the wood components. To maintain its structural strength and integrity, the wood structure building designed and constructed in accordance with the Chinese Wood Structure Design Code can fully meet the relevant fire protection requirements.

Sound insulation performance

The porous structure based on wood, as well as the soundproof wall and floor system, make the wood structure also suitable for buildings with soundproof requirements, creating a quiet living and working space. In addition, wood-structured buildings do not have the impact noise transmission problems often found in concrete buildings.


The well-designed and constructed modern wooden structure can face various challenges. It is one of the durable structural forms of modern architectural forms. It can survive several generations and be in good condition, including rainy, humid, and termite-prone areas.

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