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Wood development
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As a kind of eternal building material, wood is ancient and modern. The style and characteristics of wood structure echo the characteristics of the city, highlighting the humanistic characteristics. Natural materials make the building have a special affinity, eliminating the cold feeling of the building itself as a foreign object, and the flexibility of the wooden structure construction can give full play to the characteristics of individualization and humanization. The application of wood structure in the garden landscape is more conducive to combining the characteristics of Chinese culture, radiating the historical charm without losing the modern atmosphere. The wood structure building will not only build usable architectural entities for China, but also become a human landscape. In China, with the implementation of the "natural protection" project, deforestation has been strictly prohibited in most areas. Importing wood from the United States can fill the gap caused by this. All U.S. exports of wood products are derived from certified U.S. forest resources that are sustainably developed. Structural sawn timber and engineered wood products have high strength, complete modulus system, and perfect grading regulations, which can meet a variety of needs from small buildings such as single houses to large buildings such as stadiums and bridges.

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